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This collections consists of a series of interviews and recordings of various meetings and sessions of the Spiritualist Church in Maine and especially at Camp Etna. They were conducted by Bonita Freeman Witthoft in connection with her thesis From the Other Side of Life: Modern Spiritualism in Maine, c.1975.

Witthoft was primarily interested in fundamental religious concepts, forms of apprenticeship, acquired patterns of perception and behavior, the discipline of mediums as spokesmen for spirit guides, and on the complex act of delivering messages. Among topics covered are healing, physical versus mental mediumship, projection, trance, controls and guides, and automatism.

NA0669 Loretta Fairjeon, Forest Dinsmore, Marjory Flewelling, Elmer Stewart, Frank Libby, Margaret Stevens, Henry Gardiner, interviewed by Bonita Witthoft, 1971 - 1972, Etna, Bangor, and Orono, Maine. Accession includes interviews and recordings of church meetings, healing sessions, etc. in connection with the Spiritualist Church.

NA0673 Rev. Henry Gardiner, Rev. Emily Hewitt, Pierre Fairjeon, Loretta Fairjeon, Irene Vitello, Gladys LaLiberté, Rev. J. Raymond Keith, Rev. Clifton Mountain, Forest Dinsmore, Mary Kendall, Mrs. Flanders, Elmer Stewart, and William R. Ellis, interviewed by Bonita Witthoft, 1971-1972, Etna, Bangor, and Orono, Maine. Accession includes interviews, recordings of meetings at Camp Etna, and healing session in connection with the Spiritualist Church.

NA0710 Clarence Stewart, Elmer Stewart, Robert Simpson, Louise Hagar, Vera McGregor, Loretta Fairjeon, Helen Morgan, Millie Glover, Zelma Dickerson, and Bernice Damon, interviewed by Bonita Witthoft, summer 1972, Etna, Maine. Series of interviews in connection with Witthoft’s dissertation. Interviewees talk about spiritualism at Camp Etna, a Spiritualist Church camp. Text: 420 pp. transcript with brief catalog. Recording: T 0435 - T 0450 16 hours.

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