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This collection contains items deposited by Barry H. Rodrigue that contains the sub-collection, Ashland Family Collection.

NA2287 John “Jack” Morrison, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue (1989-1991), Manchester, Massachusetts. Tape: 3 with transcript. In a series of interviews Morrison talks about his experiences as a Scottish sailor who immigrated to the United States in 1917 and worked, among other places, aboard yachts in Penobscot Bay, Maine, in the 1920s and 1930s; Maine and commercial sailing and shipping.

NA2288 Doris {Libby} Ashland (1909-1988) interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue, 1987 1988, Belgrade Maine. Tape: 1 with no transcript. Doris Ashland talks about being a member of a French-Canadian family in the 19th and 20th centuries in Maine. Doris speaks of her husband Albert Felix Ashland (1897-1960) being born in Livermore Falls, Maine. His father, Joseph Ashland walking from Canada to Livermore Falls in 1878, becoming a subsistence farmer. Doris and Albert married in 1927. Topics include the farm burning down and community help to rebuild three years later; the Depression; family births and deaths; left-handed family members; tapping trees and making maple syrup; the cider mill; Grampa Ashland's quick temper and never learning to drive; rolling the road in winter; working with horses; and trouble with a border.

NA2289 Gladys Hadfield Roderick, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue, April 15, 1991, Manchester, Maine. Tape: 1 with no transcript. Roderick (the interviewer’s mother) talks about her experiences as a World War II bride; describes her trip and arrival to Augusta, Maine from England around 1946.

NA2290 Edward D. “Sandy” Ives, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue, May 1, 1991, University of Maine, Orono, Maine. Tape: 1 with no transcript. Dr. Ives, a folklore professor at the University of Maine, talks about his early musical career; his arrival at the University; folk music; and oral history.

NA2298 Grady sisters and Arnie Hills, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue, spring 1993, Augusta and Gardner, Maine. 6 pp. Tape: 3 w/no transcript. A series of three interviews concerning labor, ethnic, immigrant, and family histories of two families from Maine. C 1114 is an interview with the four Grady sisters, ages 90 thru 100, of North Whitefield, Maine. They talk about their lives and work in the shoe factories from 1915-1920. Tapes C 1115 and C 1116 are interviews with Arnie Hills about Irish and French Canadian immigrants, family histories.

NA2321 Louella Casselin and Roderick Gladys, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue and Gayle, spring 1994, Manchester, Maine. 2 pp. Tape: 1 w/no transcript. No release form enclosed due to being deceased. Casselin (Ashland) and Gladys (Hatfield) talks about life in Maine in the 1890s and early 1900s. The narration is about a French Canadian family in Belgrade, Maine, and the central Maine region. Also on the tape is a taped letter to Barry Rodrigue from Gladys Roderick, as well as miscellaneous taped music and singing by John Hatfield. This tape was made in about 1979 in Manchester, Maine.

NA2322 James Kivetoruk Moses, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue and Lela Kiana Oman Gray, spring 1994, Nome, Alaska. 5 pp. Tapes: 1 w/ transcript. Moses, an Inupiaq artist, talks about his artwork and life. Lela Kiana Oman Gray and Barry Rodrigue in Nome, Alaska made the interview in 1973. It is in Inupiaq (Eskimo). At the end an English language commentary by Lela Kiana Gray about Mr. Moses and Mr. Rodrigue. RESTRICTED.

NA2323 Frieda Larsen (Bokanna Kommonaseak) and Johnee Wellert, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue and Crystal Tack, spring 1974-1975, 1994, Nome, Alaska (at Frieda Larsen’s home). 52 pp. Tapes: 4 w/ transcript. Larsen and Wellert (her sister), talk about the supernatural. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. RESTRICTED: Not to be used until year 2020 without permission of the Collector or people interviewed in writing.

NA2325 Andrew Redmond, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue, spring 1993, Madison, Maine and St. Georges de-Beauce, Quebec, Canada. Series of eight interviews. Redmond, a French-Irish timber jobber, entrepreneur, and Maine State Senator, talks about life on both sides of the Maine - Quebec border; people: Barry Rodrigue, Kenoci Rodrigue, Yvon Labbe, Liliane Labbe, Angela Hebert, Sylvester Redmond, and others. The interviews are in both English and French. Text: 257 pp. transcript.

NA2351 Judge Armand DuFresne, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue, spring 1994, Lewiston, Maine. 3 pp. Tape: 2 w/ no transcript. Judge DuFresne talks about the Maine judicial and legal system; as well as Franco-American life and history; Judge Albert Beliveau of Rumford, Maine. A malfunctioning tape recorder caused static on several portions of the tapes, but they are decipherable.

NA2352 Judge Donald Webber and Lucy Webber, interviewed by Barry H. Rodrigue March 1994, Auburn, Maine. 3 pp. Tape: 3 w/ no transcript. Judge Webber and his wife Lucy Webber talk about the Maine judicial system and legal system in the mid 20th century; Franco-Americans; and Albert Beliveau of Rumford. There is static on part of these tapes due to a malfunctioning recorder, but it can be deciphered. Text: no transcript.

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