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Part of a nationwide project coordinated by E. Wigginton, founder of Foxfire, of interviews with the elderly about their lives and their hopes and fears for the future of the nation.

NA1052 Mary Turner, interviewed by Florence Ireland, Mary Ann Shopshire, and Melody Richardson, summer 1975, West Peru, Maine. Turner, 72, talks about her life and experiences as a self-sufficient farm wife.

NA1053 Mr. and Mrs. Wilder Kimball and Evaline Kimball, interviewed by Florence Ireland and William Gates. Summer 1975, Rumford Point, Maine. The Kimballs talk about farming; oxen; hunting and trapping.

NA1054 Florence Baker, interviewed by Colleen Colby and Florence Ireland, summer 1975, Fryeburg, Maine. Baker, 90, talks about early life; work; farming; making maple syrup.

NA1642 Mary "Grammie" Turner, interviewed by Florence Ireland, spring 1982, West Peru, Maine. Made for showing on Channel 10 (WCBB) in 1976. RESTRICTED.

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Agriculture, Farm life, Community life, Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies


Folklore | Oral History

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1975, 1982

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MF019 Foxfire Bicentennial Project