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Collection consists of video tapes (150 hours approx.) produced by Don DePoy, founder of F. O. L. K., Inc. (Focus On Local Knowledge) "a nonprofit Maine based corporation dedicated to the performance and preservation of traditional music." Tapes contain raw footage and edited masters for a series of TV programs titled "Mainely Bluegrass" broadcast on Maine Public Television in 1996. Footage features music groups taped at the Breakneck Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Crawford, Maine (1994) and the Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival in Sydney, Maine (1995).

Artists include Evergreen, the Stevens Family, Sassygrass, Bluegrass Supply Company, the Gibson Brothers, the Sandy River Ramblers, Smokey Greene, Eddie Poirier and the Bluegrass Four, Simon St. Pierre, Kenny Baker and Josh Graves, the Lewis Family, Shady Creek, Yodelin’ Slim Clark and others. Also, a series of tapes for a program called “Women and the Franco-American Experience” featuring a concert of Franco-American music presented at the University of Maine with groups Psaltery, Jete Le Po, and Souterie.

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MF017 F.O.L.K. (Focus on Local Knowledge) Collection