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A Whole Woman Strategy and Action Plan to Raise National Awareness about Osteoporosis

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University of Maine Center on Aging staff investigated where elder women obtain health information as well as when and why they make changes in health behavior and life style. By talking with older women themselves and interviewing experts around the country, we sought to determine what information and education strategies are and are not working in existing programs as well as to learn those approaches for reaching underserved populations of elder women. Working with marketing experts, we developed foundations upon which a national osteoporosis campaign could be built. Lastly, we tested selected materials to elicit feedback on preferences of elder 13 women concerning graphics, messages, spokespeople, and promotional items. It is clear that with a large cohort of baby-boomers poised to enter their elder years and with the momentum growing to educate people about osteoporosis, the time for a national awareness and action campaign for elder women is now.


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