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VP_016977 Verse 1There are certain traits of character that many men display, Which in myself I've curbed as much as could be! But take a vote of any woman's club, and they will say That even I am scarcely all I should be! I drink and gamble now and then and stay out late at night, Altho' my vices as a rule are few! But like the men of ev'ry clime I must confess, that all my time is taken up in trying to be true. For Chorus 1every body else's girl looks better to me than mine! Each new one has for me a fascination! I don't know where the fault can be, and such a thing, it seems to me, Demands a psychologic explanation. Why is it that when we're alone, my sweetheart seems a queen? But when I take her out with me to dine, Tho' she may be superbly gowned, when I sit down and look around, Why ev'ry body else's girl looks better to me than mine! Verse 2The women have no sympathy with such a state of mind, Which is to them an infamous condition! But learn the truth regarding any man, and you will find That they are all in quite the same position! We seem to have a general capacity for love, Which seems to grow, when it has once begun! Altho' I fear, polygamy would never make a hit with me! It's hard enough to get along with one! Still Chorus 2every body else's girl looks better to me than mine! Perhaps it is a weakness I inherit. In bible days of plenty all the men had ten or twenty, But today, what they would spend I couldn't spare it. It's only human nature to desire what is not ours. We never think the fruit we have is fine, As is the luscious looking peach that's hanging just beyond our reach, So ev'ry body else's girl looks better to me than mine!

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Everybody Else's Girl Looks Better To Me Than Mine



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