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VP_016917 Verse 1I've been wand'ring all day in the cold and the wet, To try my poor father to see; He's been gone since last night, and mother's been told In the barroom unconscious is he; She sent me to find him, and bring him to her, All alone in the cold and the rain;... Oh, God in thy mercy, come and help the poor child, Whose father is drinking again... Chorus 1O, why did he leave us last night all alone, Why from strong drink will he not refrain? And with us be cheerful and happy at home, And not be a drunkard again. Verse 2He promised he never would drink any more, But soon from the path was beguiled; But he's fallen again, oh, it makes my heart ache, To think I'm a poor drunkard's child; When my playmates I meet, the(illegible) all view me with scorn, I seek for compassion in vain;... As a beggar from all of their doors I am turned, For father is drinking again... Verse 3All day in the streets she had search'd, but in vain, Until shades of the evening had fell; And now in despair she homeward had turned, Of her failure her mother to tell; And there by the window they watched all night long, For the coming of him loved so dear;... But his footsteps they never will hear any more, For he's left them to mourn for him here...

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Father Is Drinking Again



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