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VP_016114 Verse 1In a little Bamboo China store Nestling by the sea in Singapore Lonely China maiden pretty Fan-San, Waits for her sailor man Tears of joy are in her almond eyes, Little China maid no longer sighs For she just received a loving note This is what he wrote: Chorus 1Fan-San, Fan-San, you know I love but you Fan-San, Fan-San, please make my dreams come true. I miss old China and her Oriental nights I long to stroll again beneath those lantern lights, all alone with Fan-San, Fan-San, Some day we'll happy be In our bamboo shack Beside the silv'ry sea when the Lotus blooms in June I'll go on my honeymoon All alone with pretty Fan-San. Verse 2Pretty little maid of Singapore Watches ev'ry boat that comes to shore Since the day he sent that sweet little note, Fan-San is always glad Chinese wedding bells will ring in June, All the sing song girls will croon love's tune Sailor lad will soon be back again Singing this refrain:

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Artmusic, Inc

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New York

Fan - San