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VP_015576 Verse 1Oftentimes I ponder, Now and then I wonder What my fate shall be; Who's to pay the pastor, Who'll be lord and master Some day over me. I should like to know what makes you sigh, There's a look of sadness in your eye; Not so hard to read you Since you say I need you, This is my reply: Chorus 1Ev'ry one was meant for some one, No one need to live alone; Ev'ry one can find a loved one, Some one they can call their own. Some where in this world there's waiting Some one who'll be fond and true; Ev'ry one was meant for some one, Maybe I was meant for you! Verse 2I'm so very lonely For my one and only, Don't know what to do; Looks are not deceiving, Seeing is believing, Got my eyes on you. Oftentimes I've heard this same old song, "Wait until the right one comes a long!" Mustn't think I'm stupid, Foxy little Cupid Knows a thing or two!

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1 score (5 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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J. T. Branen Co. Music Publishers

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Every One Was Meant For Some One : By the writers of