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VP_015575 Verse 1You've heard the story of the spider who was sly And coaxed the fly into his web to die. And how the little rat by nibbling on the straw The lion's life did save and free'd his paw. These pretty little fable's you have often read Before you went to bed So rest your sleepy head, And yet, you two would quarrel over nothing here Come sit you down and list to me. Chorus 1Now remember my dear little ones And good advice you can't despise. Your little hands were never made For pulling hair or scratching bright blue eyes. You must love each other when at play, Or else the fiddler you will have to pay. 'Tis a long, long lane that has no turn, And ev'ry little dog must have his day. Verse 2There's a moral true, these pretty tales to you unfold, And worth its weight in gold, yes purest gold. Bear in mind harsh words will only pain the kindest hearts, And dearest friends it parts, it often parts. So wipe each bonnie eye, good children should not cry Let little arms entwine each baby neck divine, For as through life you go, you'll surely learn to know A kiss is better than a blow.

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M. Witmark & Sons

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New York

Every Little Dog Must Have His Day



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