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VP_015525 Verse 1Mose Johnson was a curious man 'Mongst the coons he was a pest and bore, He was never superstitious 'bout a rainy day, or the wolf knocking at his door, Ev'ry dollar ev'ry cent which dat man could find would be transformed into nigger gin, 'Till the neighbors tried to convert poor Mose, by telling him it was a sin. They had a grand revival at the baptist church, all the good colored folks were there, When Mose he entered the church door Parson Lane offered up a prayer, When they arose they surrounded Mose, and asked him to mend his ways, He created a sensation, and shocked the congregation, When these words they heard him say. Chorus 1Eat, drink and be merry today, for tomorrow you may die. What's the use of saving your gold, when your breath takes wings and flies, You see where it goes if you spend it here, For you can't spend a cent on the other sphere, So eat, drink and be merry today, for tomorrow you may die. Verse 2The Parson gave a party once 'Twas a funny sight I do declare, Where you had to bring a package of a pound with you, to procure admittance there, There were sev'ral rolls of bacon chicken and ham even liver with electric lights 'Till the house looked just like a bargain sale, at the market on a Saturday night It was at twelve o'clock the Parson started in on a merry inspection-tour, The congregation all rubber'd as he looked all his presents o'er, He spied a most peculiar box, from "Mose to Parson Lane it said It was gin in great profusion, and the opening caused confusion, When the Parson this card read.

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Eat, Drink and be Merry



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