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VP_014644 Verse 1In the dressing, in the dressing So that man may admire, It's a matter of thinking If you'd have them a winking. In dressing, the blessing Is not all the attire, It's the way that you wear the clothes And bear the clothes upon you; It's the way that you air the clothes, It's all in the poise and pose. Chorus 1If a dress is of this sort or that, It is all in the wearing; If a fur is of sable or cat, Nobody knows or is caring; It is all in the tilt of the hat, Though it's shabby and torn. Men are attracted by manner and air, Cost of production they seldom compare; It is never the thing that you wear, It's the way it is worn.

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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M. Witmark & Sons

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New York

All In The Wearing