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VP_001350 Verse 1Flow along, my little winding river, Take me back to sunny Tennessee; I can see the silver branches quiver, Where I know she's waiting for me, I know she will be waiting there for me Waiting back in Tennessee Chorus 1Flow along flow along, River Tennessee, To the home of the girl I love, Sing a song, sing a song, pretty Jennie Lee, While the moon shines bright above. When I see Tennessee. Then I see just you and me, You and me lovingly, 'neath the harvest apple tree, Flow along, flow along, River Tennessee, To the home of the girl I love. Verse 2Past the meadows and the fields of cotton, Send my boat a drifting home with me To the girl who thinks she is for gotten, By her side I'm longing to be. I see her lamplight shining thro' the trees, Hear her song upon the breeze.


Contains advertisements and/or short musical examples of pieces being sold by publisher.

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Jerome H. Remick & Co

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New York

Flow Along River Tennessee : To The Home Of The Girl I Love