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VP_001314 Verse 1Oh sweetheart mine, it's wedding time, The whole world seems to say; The summer days are fading, Into loveland let us stray; Birds sing merrily, High up in each tree, And, sweetheart, they sing messages, Just for you and me. Chorus 1The birds are humming, "go feather your nest," Tomorrow's coming, so feather your nest, It's time for mating, no use hesitating, The parson is waiting, he knows just whether it's best; In a home for two, love, together we'll rest, Where only true love can weather the test; Don't be delaying, the organ is playing, The whole world is saying, "Go feather your nest." The birds are nest." Verse 2Your heart is beating peacefully When friends are fond and true, The world is filled with gladness When the one you love loves you; Mountains or the sea over we may roam, The path that leads to love, sweet love, Leads to home sweet home. Chorus 2Bel oiseau fredonne "Emplumez le nid" Demain va venor Emplumez le nid Mariezvous donc Bah pourquoi dire non Le pasteur vous attend Il sait bien qu'il a raison Sous un toit fait pour nous nos deux coeurs battront Et s'aimant vraiment tous deux jouiront Ne tarde donc pas l'orgue chante la bas Tout l'univers nous dit "Em plumez le nid" Bel oiseau nid." Verse 3Amie d'hymen c'est la saison, Par tout meme chanson L'ete fatigue se meurt, Fuyons au pays d'amour Oiseaux d'amour chantent, en les hauts branchages Pour nous seuls sont leurs doux ramages, Oui pour toi pour moi

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Leo Feist, Inc

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New York

Feather Your Nest : Emplumez Le Nid



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