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VP_001297 Verse 1When I sit and look at you, I just can't believe it's true, Can't be lieve you love me though you have often told me so. Seems just like a dream of bliss, Never hoped for things like this. Now I'm wond'ring all the day Why such luck should come my way! Chorus 1Fancy you fancying me! I can't tell what you can see, For it seems like dreams, not reality, That you should like my personality. I can't quite figure it out, I can't tell why it should be. I can fancy anybody fancying you, But fancy you fancying me! Verse 2Don't know anybody who, Ever could help liking you. you're so diff'rent from the rest; S'pose that's why I love you best. Guess the first day that we met, I knew I'd a heart to let. Now I know your love is true Can't help saying, same as you,

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1 score (5 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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T. B. Harms and Francis Day & Hunter

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New York

Fancy You Fancying Me!