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VP_013350 Verse 1Get your beau and let's go down to that Alabama town Get ready for some dancin' syncopated prancin' let your feet go wild, Baby child, look-a-here, look-a-here, come and love me too Just keep a wooin' keep swayin' to the left and right O honey don't your feet feel light I know your knees are saggin' but keep on a raggin' we can't stop to rest Honey mine, aint it fine, keep in line I like it best. Chorus 1Take me to that Alabama Ball, Come on ma honey Can't you hear that music's sooth in call, I've got the money, Get your feet a movin' to that music grand Classiest of symphonies that's in the land Hear the banjo strum, listen to that drum, Turkey trottin' isn't in it, Glidin', slidin', dancin' round the floor, It sure is rippin', Soon you'll ask the leader man for more, To keep you dippin' want to keep a dancin' till the roosters crow Want to teach the folks to do the heel and toe, Dancin' at that Alabama ball. Verse 2See the pickaninies run goin' to be there for the fun And soon you'll hear them yellin' pass the watermelon each one gets a slice, Off the ice, aint it nice, pass it twice, just like Paridise Just keep a passin' we'll never think of goin' home Till Jasper plays upon his comb And there will be more hoppin' 'til their corns start poppin' see them dance around side by side, see them glide, trombones slide, they're homeward bound.

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R. C. Young Music Company

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Columbus, Ohio

Alabama Ball



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