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Louisiana, New Orleans, Regions of the US, Songs about african americans, Songs about love, Songs with geographic locations, South


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VP_001274 Verse 1A colored gal, by the name of Sal, who lived in New Orleans, Has often said she'd like to wed, some coon about her means. She then got wise, and advertised, for a light brown colored man; When a coon light black, said "I'll cinch that", and sent her a telegram. The words you see, read "At liberty, I am Johnson, Yours, goodbye, I will start for there, and I'm goin' to wear a high hat and red tie." When the train arrived, there a man she spied, who was dressed as he described; So up she went to this colored gent, and loudly then she cried. Chorus 1Excuse me, but isn't your name Johnson, Who sent me this yellow telegram? Follow me I'm longing to know whether, I'll live alone we'll go home together Verse 2They were wed that day, and a year, they say, they lived a happy life; 'Til a show one day, came along that way, Jim lost his loving wife. Out with the play she starts away as Eva in the show, But the troupe, one day, jump'd out they say, and skipp'd with all the dough She wired Jim, "I am broke here in Milwankee, this A. M", So her better half, by telegraph, sent wifey dear a ten. Then she took the train, for her home again, and when her Jim she spied, She grabb'd that coon, began to spoon, and loudly then she cried.

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Contains advertisements and short musical examples of pieces being sold by publisher.

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Excuse Me, : But Isn't Your Name Johnson?



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