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VP_001271 Verse 1When I come home each night to dine, The housemaid lets me in, She has a nature saturnine, And wears a dreadful grin. I say to her, "Suzette, my girl, Is Madame in her room?" She pauses to ar'range a curl, And watch my growing gloom; For housemaids view with fiendish glee, A husband's secret woe. Mine always rubs it into me Is Madame in oh no!" Here's your house with "Welcome" on the mat, Here's the dog, The parrot and the cat, There's the granpa's clock in the corner of the hall, And the parquet floor to catch you when you fall. There's a bill On the table by the door, There's the cook, (crash) The soup is on the floor! All the sights and sounds Of a happy married life, But not your wife! No not your wife! Ev'rything's at home except your wife! Verse 2My wife leaves home in time each day To lunch at some hotel, She likes the cheerful matinee, And shops a bit as well. The things she buys reach home as I return from toil at night, The housemaid has them piled up high To greet my fevered sight; And as with hope forever strong, I murmur, "Is she here?" She starts the old familiar song, "What! Madame home? no fear!" Here's some hats, I think I've counted eight, For his pay The messenger will wait, In the big green box you perhaps have taken note, There's an ermine muff and new chinchilla coat. Here's some gloves, You couldn't count the pairs, Take a look At the boxes up the stairs, You will find up there What'll keep you "broke" for life, But not your wife! No not your wife! Ev'rything's come home except your wife!

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Everything's At Home Except Your Wife



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