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Songs about love, Songs with piano


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VP_001264 Verse 1Oh. my dear, don't you hear the latest music hit? Oh gee! the orchestra is playing it. That is not a Rubenstein composed in F Its a song from the pen of Mutt and Jeff. Let's twostep and dance in old Havana style Just act like you were made of rubber, chile, Glide along the floor and slide your feet a little bit, That's it. Chorus 1Ev'rybody twostep and grab a girlie girl, Ev'rybody twostep and do the twirlywhirl, Shake your feet with all your might, Ev'rybody twostep and twostep right. If you want to twostep just like a Polar bear, Ev'rybody does it, Nobody ought to care; Ev'rybody wiggle waggle, Then you make a bow. Ev'rybody twostep now. Verse 2Oh. dear hon, wont you nestle to your lovie dove? Just rest your little hand upon my glove; When I get to going 'round the shiny floor, Babe, I'd just die to dance a little more. Oh, my word I'm full of loving heart complaint, Just place your tootsies where your papa's aint Then you start to swayin' to the playin' of the band, That's grand!

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Contains advertisements and short musical examples of pieces being sold by publisher.

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Jerome H. Remick & Co

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New York

Everybody Twostep



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