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VP_012773 Verse 1My gal and I last week done had another drappin' out Its about a coon who was tamp'ring 'round I b'lieve he was a racehorse tout I for bid him a coming there so told my gal to keep him away Next day I caught him eatin' up my grub, but in a pleading voice my gal did say. Chorus 1He aint nothing but an errand man And he's only here at my command For he runs the errands does the work He sweeps up the floor and carries out the dirt Yes he's nothing but an errand man Done said he was my errand man So he's needed in the house so please don't put him out 'Cause he's nothing but an errand man. Verse 2The minstrel show had came I bought seats in the gallery I saw my gal with a dead swell coon In a box to the right of me I tried for to see who he was so when the show it did let out With a gun in hand I caught my man, but in a pleading voice this coon did shout. Chorus 2Boss I'm nothing but your errand man And I'm just here at yer girl's command So don't get mad don't feel allarmed To tell you the truth I didn't mean no harm I said coon you are a bit too gay Right now you're looking better than me So get yourself together to inhale this winter weather Cause I don't need no errand man.

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Contains advertisements and short musical examples of pieces being sold by publisher.

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1 score (8 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Howley, Haviland & Co

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New York

The Errand Man



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