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Songs about love, Songs with piano


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VP_001222 Verse 1Emaline don't you pine dearie, Summer time, you know is near, Don't feel blue. smile and be cheery, When roses bloom I'll return little girl to you. Chorus 1Emaline, Emaline, the silv'ry moon on a June night will shine, Into a garden fair I'll be there, To claim one of the flowers mine, When the nightbirds softly coo of their love, My love star may be hiding above, I won't mind; 'cause I'll find, The light of love in your eyes Emaline. Emaline. Emaline my little darling Emaline, Emaline, you know the moon is gonna shine Into a garden down in Dixie, honey, where I'm gonna ask you to be mine You know I'll love to see you in a pretty wedding gown And the folks for many miles around the town. Like me, I know they're gonna long for the wedding time. If the night is very still and dear you will be waitin' I'll be there And you'll see Night birds cooing to their little mates of love will not be happy as me I wont pine because I know I'm gonna find Emaline that you're been waiting all the time The light of love in your pretty eyes says, That you're gonna be mine. Verse 2Emaline when your mine dearie, You will be sunshine to me, Then the days, will not be dreary, 'Cause when you smile it will make ev'rything worth while.

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