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VP_012230 Verse 1In every city large or small, And in many towns as well; You'll find the five and ten cent stores, For bargains they excel If you would see variety, Such as you've not seen before; There's just one place for you to go, It's the five and ten cent store. Chorus 1At the five and ten cent stores, When they open up the doors, THere's a crowd of ladies waiting, They have all been there before; There are bargains ev'ry day, Five and ten is all you pay, Take a tip from me, call around and see, At the five and ten cent store. Verse 2I have a saving little wife, Like a lot of other men; And when I ask her where she's been, She says the five and ten I met Bill Brown the other day, And he told me he had wed; Where did you meet the girl I asked, Billy only smiled and said. Chorus 2At the five and ten cent store, She was working near the door, She was so polite and pretty, That I longed to know her more; So I went there rain or shine, Till she promised she'd be mine, And the other day I took her away, From the five and ten cent store.

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1 score (4 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Worcester, Mass

At The Five And Ten Cent Store