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VP_011990 Verse 1America, my country, I come at thy call, I plight thee my troth and I give thee my all; In peace or in war I am wed to thy weal I'll carry thy flag thru the fire and the steel. Unsullied it floats o'er our peace-loving race, On sea nor on land shall it suffer disgrace; In rev'rence I kneel at sweet liberty's shrine: America, my country, command, I am thine. Chorus 1America, my country, I answer thy call, That freedom may live and that tyrants may fall; I owe thee my all, and my all will I give I do and I die that America may live. Verse 2America, my country, brave souls gave thee birth, they yearned for a haven of freedom on earth; And when thy proud flag to the winds was unfurled, There came to thy shores the oppressed of the world. Thy mild and honey flow freely for all Who takes of thy bounty shall come at they call; Who quaffs of thy nectar of freedom shall say: America, my country, command, I obey. Verse 3America, my country, now come is thy hour The Lord of hosts counts on thy courage and pow'r; Humanity pleads for the strenght of thy hand, Lest liberty perish on sea and on land. Thou guardian of freedom, thou keeper of right, When liberty bleeds we may trust in thy might; Divine right of kings or our freedom must fall America, my country, I come at thy call.

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America, My Country : The New National Anthem



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