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VP_011074 Verse 1I'm dreaming of you little maiden fifty times aday, With love for you my heart is laden, fifty times a day, When the morning sun shines brightly, When the stars are gleaming nightly, Then my heart goes out to you, just you, My girlie Once there was a little girl who had a little beau, Kissed and loved each other though 'twas many years ago, Time has flown since last I met you but I never can forget you, Fifty time a day I think of you just you. Chorus 1I'm thinking thinking of you little sweetheart, Fifty times a day, And I'm gazing at your picture while you're many miles away, For there's a pretty little lane back home love where we used to play, And it makes me dream and dream of you, Just fifty time a day. Verse 2You said you'd be my little bride, you promised in the spring, You surely must remember darling, when I bought the ring, Then there came the cold December, Ah to well do I remember, When the birds no longer cared, to sing, My girlie When they told you sweetheart that another you must wed, Then you nestled near me and I kissed your curly head, Though I left you broken hearted said a fond farewell and parted, Fifty time a day I think of you just you.

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Chas. K. Harris

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New York

Fifty Times A Day