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VP_010995 Verse 1It seems that I can see A picture dear to me, Ev'ry time my thoughts begin astraying, I see familiar scenes, Once more we're in our teens, And roaming thru the clover fields aswaying. Your cheeks are filled with dimples, In your hair you wear a curl, It only seems like yesterday, My dear old girl. Chorus 1As you were when I first met you, We were on our way to school, My dearie. As you were, I can't forget you, 'Twas there we learned the golden rule. We sat together while the teacher would tell us, And all the other fellows they were jealous, As you were when I first met you, That's how I want you today. Verse 2Let's travel back again That old familiar lane, Where you promised that you would be mine, dear. Remember when we wed, And what the preacher said. We promised to be sweet-hearts all the time, dear. It doesn't seem like fifty years ago to me somehow, For all I do is close my eyes, I see you now.

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1 score (4 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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M. Witmark & Sons

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New York

As You Were When I First Met You : That's How I Want You To-day