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VP_009655 Verse 1(LEM.) You are the one that I'm adorin', (ARA.) I've heard you say that before; (LEM.) My Arabella I'm implorin', (ARA.) Go right ahead and implore. (LEM.) Just like the Cookoo I am calling, (ARA.) Cookoo is right I'll agree, (LEM.) Beneath the bowers, I'll sing for hours, (ARA) You'll not be singing to me. Chorus 1(LEM.) Oh, Arabella I'll be yer fellah If you will be my little Cookoo coo, I want yer only, I'm dreadful lonely, No other girl is jes' like you if you but know My heart's a thumpin' (ARA.) I feel like jumpin' into your arms dear, (LEM.) Come on do (ARA.) Yer gettin' smart now (LEM.) Please hev a heart now My Arabella, I love but you.

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John B. Rogers Producing Co

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Fostoria, Ohio

Arabella, I'll Be Your Fellah



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