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VP_009594 Verse 1Have you ever had that feeling stealing over you That is commonly described a(eligible) "Indigo or blue" Some folks get it when they lose a sweetheart or a friend, But I only get it when I've no more coin to spend. Chorus 1Farewell, Prosperity! Goodbye success! My pipe is going out I'm all in I guess. Here comes Misfortune now she's after me And that is why I sadly sigh, Farewell Prosperity! Verse 2There's a friend of mine, an artist, said to me today: "I just now refused to paint a picture right away" "Thought my fortune it would make, no more I'd have to toil" Till I learned 'twas Rockefeller's portrait done in oil. Chorus 2Farewell, Prosperity! Goodbye success! I'll stick to painting signs all my life I guess. In oil there's no one who can do John D And that is why I sadly sigh, Farewell Prosperity! Verse 3Brother was conductor on a trolley, had no cares, He was riding to success by knocking down the fares, Till one day his spirits fell, his hopes received a jar, For they switched him to a new Pay as you enter car. Chorus 3Farewell, Prosperity! Goodbye success! Now he's reformed and works his real trade I guess. But there's no money in plain burglary And that is why I hear him sigh, Farewell Prosperity!

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Chas. K. Harris

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New York

Farewell, Prosperity!