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VP_009559 Verse 1You ask me why upon my breast I wear her photograph, You ask me why my hair has turned to gray, I was a simple country lad, She was the village belle, I worshipped her, my queen, both night and day; A city stranger wooed and won My very first and only love, He won her, just her gentle heart to break; He left her many years ago, I found it out by chance, And I searched for her, For old time's sake. Chorus 1For old time's sake I told her that I loved her, For old time's sake I pressed her to my heart; For old time's sake I kissed her and caressed her, And promised her we nevermore would part; For old time's sake she put her arms around me, And said, "If but a dream, I would not wake; I never knew till now how much I love you." Then I kissed her just For old time's sake. Verse 2The story now is at an end, There's nothing much to say, Except I asked her if she'd be my wife, Her tears were softly flowing as She looked at me and said: "I'd bring you nothing but a wasted life; I was a vain and foolish girl, When I refused your honest love, It's now too late, no wife for you I'd make; Just hold me in your arms," she said, And then she passed away, And I buried her, For old time's sake.


Rose, Fabian


Contains advertisements and short musical examples of pieces sold by publisher (Adieu -- Cherry Blossoms -- Iris -- Woodland echoes).

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1 piano score (7 p.) ; 35 cm.

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Boston Music Co

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Sing me to sleep