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VP_009491 Verse 1Ev'ry thing today is syncopated, It's too much for me, For I can't figure it out, Don't know what it's all about, Sounds so easy when you hear 'em play it, with a raggy band, But when I try to entertain myself, On my little baby grand; Chorus 1I get so all muddled up when ever I attempt to syncopate, I get excited atryin' to count till ev'ry note I seem to hate, I muddle too, When I am dancing, fall all over the floor, Trying to do, steps that are new, But I never quit, I always yell for more. It has me puzzled to figure out the raggy time they write today, But syncopation just hypnotizes me so I just pound away, Mother and Dad, say I'm a nuisance, For when I rag that old piano I get 'em going for I get muddled up in ev'ry rage I play. Verse 2Any time that compay is with me, Then I do my best, With some old classical strain, And believe me I entertain, When I play the "Melody in F" I tell you boy! I'm there, But when they ask for just a raggy rag, Then I'm all up in the air.


Contains advertisements and short musical examples of pieces being sold by publisher.

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1 score (6 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Leo Feist Inc

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New York

All Muddled Up : A Snappy Syncopated Song for Fox Trotters