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VP_007816 Verse 1There's a sound of marching music, and there's cheering in the air, For the contest now is ready to begin. We've a tried and valiant leader, and a standard that is fair, And we hope the better man is going to win. There is Silver Dollar Bryan in the running as before, On the platform that's already proved so frail: But the other candidate, And the champion heavy weight, Is McKinley, with the wellfilled Dinner Pail. Chorus 1Oh, one good term is deserving of another, The people's verdict ever must prevail. Our Teddy says it's so, And Teddy ought to know It's McKinley with the full Dinner Pail. Verse 2Oh, the Dinner Pail is ample, and it's made of honest tin, But it stands for what is worth its weight in gold. There are honor and prosperity all snug and tight with in, And the courage to achieve and have and hold. There is Silver Dollar Bryan, with repudiation coin, He's a Jonah, let us throw him to the whale! For the man that we select, And the man that we'll elect, Is McKinley, with the well filled Dinner Pail. Verse 3When the war with Spain awakened all our spirit, not our fear. And there came a time for action to be done, Then our Army and our Navy to the rollcall answered, "Here!" And McKinley was the Man Behind the Gun. There is Silver Dollar Bryan, with his anti every thing, And his policy to murmur and to wail; But when all the strife is past, Bryan, too, may break his fast From McKinley's overflowing Dinner Pail. Verse 4We remember, yes, remember, not so very long ago, When the times were hard, and work was scarce at that, Now, what brought about the happy change, right well we also know Democratic years were lean, but ours are fat. Down with Silver Dollar Bryan, with his promises of wind, And his bill of fare so meagre and so stale: We're contented with our lot, And we want the man we've got That's McKinley, with the wellfilled Dinner Pail.

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