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VP_006706 Verse 1Sweet-heart I can remember, when I was a kid so high, I read a fairybook story, I'll never forget till I die. T'was all about Alice in some wonderland, And Alice was dreaming, you see. But dear I'm not dreaming I'm more than awake, For this is what's happened to me: Chorus 1Oh, Alice, I'm in wonderland, Since the day that I first met you, Oh, Alice, I can understand why flowers and birdies love you, too, Your smile is like a sweet day in June, And your voice, is like an Old Master's tune, Oh, Alice, I'm in wonderland, Since the day that I first met you. Verse 2Sweet-heart I often wander all thro' wonderland with you, That land is dreamland, and you, dear, you're planning just what we will do. At first we are kneeling, and I answer "yes" And I hear you say you'll obey. But then I awake and I find it's a dream, Oh, please sweet-heart mine, name the day:


Dedicated to Miss Alice Silkworth

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1 score (4 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Leo Feist Inc

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New York

Alice I'm In Wonderland : Since The Day That I First Met You