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Families, Historical and patriotic songs, Songs about love, Songs with piano, War, World War, 1914-1918--Songs and music


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VP_000169 Verse 1There's a million mothers knocking at the nations door, A million mothers, yes and there'll be millions more, And while within each mother heart they pray, Just hark what one brave mother has to say. Chorus 1 America, I raised a boy for you. America, You'll find him staunch and true, Place a gun upon his shoulder, He is ready to die or do. America, he is my only one; My hope, my pride and joy, But if I had another, he would march beside his brother; America, here's my boy. Verse 2There's a million mothers waiting by the fireside bright, A million mothers, waiting for the call tonight. And while within each heart there'll be a tear, She'll watch her boy go marching with a cheer.

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1 score (4 p.) : ill. ; 31 cm.

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Joe Morris Music Co

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New York

America, Here's My Boy