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Songs about love, Songs with piano


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VP_000292 Verse 1There are millions of people today, Who are seeking to find out the way, Where real happiness lies, On the earth, In the skies, Or within the blue depths of a true woman's eyes. There are some that want riches and pow'r, And they seek for them 'most ev'ry hour, How I wish they but knew that for happiness true, There is only one way, and I'll tell it to you. Chorus 1At the end of a beautiful day. If you're glad, 'cause your heart seems to say, That you've been true and kindly, You've righted a wrong, And you've given your smiles to help others along, If there's somebody's burden of care. That you're willing and ready to share, Then your heart's made of gold; And your joys are untold, At the end of a beautiful day. Verse 2There are kings in their palaces grand, There are magnates with acres of land, There are those that have schemes, But they fade, Into dreams, And then 'most ev'rybody has something it seems, But none of them happiness bring, And that is life's most precious thing, But this much is true that for me and for you, There is only one pathway for us to pursue.



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At The End Of A Beautiful Day



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