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Humor songs, Songs about love, Songs with piano


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VP_000070 Verse 1Little Willie Jones was a Peck's bad boy, Always up to some new prank Ev'ry time a beau came to see his sister Flo, He ran and got his saving's bank But last night he didn't get a dime, The parlor door was locked instead And so next day when she passed his way, She hung her head as Willie said. Chorus 1Last night you kissed him ain't you ashamed You can't resist him ain't you ashamed I watched you from the hall, the key hole was so small, But you were fooling around, fooling around, And that ain't all, I saw him hold you ain't you ashamed, Ma, ought to scold you cause she'll be blamed He tried to take you on his knee, And the way it looked to me, You didn't stop him ain't you ashamed. Verse 2Willie said that he wouldn't peep again, So she promised him a dime After that he said he would hurry off to bed, When someone came to call next time But last night when sister's fellow came, She didn't keep her word at all She blushed with shame when the next day came And Willie hollered thru the hall. Chorus 2You let him pet you ain't you ashamed First time he met you ain't you ashamed You tried to act so nice, you sat there cool as ice, But that boy wasn't a dunce, he kissed you once, You kissed him twice, You hugged and squeezed him ain't you ashamed, Oh! how you teased him you should be blamed He asked for something, you said "yes" What he asked for I can guess, Pa missed his moonshine ain't you ashamed.



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Ain't You Ashamed!



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