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Science Communication


Iowa State University

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Iowa State University

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Most lessons about public participation are gleaned from very specific domains, yet innovative ideas often emerge when lessons across very different domains are brought together. Our public engagement efforts span health, the environment, and sustainability in rural and urban settings with long term residents as well as new immigrants. We have worked with hundreds of faculty and stakeholders in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire on topics as varied as immigrant fishing in contaminated water, shared governance of shellfish areas, remediation of lead contamination in urban areas, and shared decision making on dam removal. The diversity of these efforts offers lessons about strategies for public engagement for decision making.

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Silka, Linda; McGreavy, Bridie; and Hart, David (2016). Health, the Environment, and Sustainability: Emergent Communication Lessons across Highly Diverse Public Participation Activities. Jean Goodwin (Ed.), Confronting the Challenges of Public Participation in Environmental, Planning, and Health Decision-Making.




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