The Stock-REIT Relationship and Optimal Asset Allocations

Doug Waggle, University of West Florida
Pankaj Agrrawal, University of Maine - Main

Abstract/ Summary

In this paper, the marginal effects of changes (due to non-stationarity or estimation errors) in the REIT-stock risk premium and the REIT-stock correlation on the optimal portfolio asset mix of REITs, stocks, and bonds are determined. Employing a mean variance utility function and considering different levels of investor risk aversion, the findings reveal that the expected return of REITs, relative to that of stocks, is a much more important factor than the REIT-stock correlation in making portfolio decisions. A 1% change in the forecast return for REITs dramatically impacts optimal portfolio allocations for investors of all risk levels. A significant change of 0.1 in the REIT stock correlation, on the other hand, has only minimal impact on optimal portfolio weights.