Submissions from 2021


The Value of Social Media Advertising Strategies on Tourist Behavior: A Game-Changer for Small Rural Businesses, Nory B. Jones, Patti Miles, and Tanya Beaulieu

Submissions from 2017


Suicides as a response to adverse market sentiment (1980-2016), Pankaj Agrrawal, Doug Waggle, and Daniel H. Sandweiss

Books from 2016

Strategic Management and Leadership for Systems Development in Virtual Spaces, Christian Graham Editor

Books from 2007

A Primer on Organizational Behavior, James L. Bowditch, Anthony F. Buono, and Marcus M. Stewart

Practical Investment Management, Robert A. Strong

Books from 2006

Portfolio Construction, Management and Protection, Robert A. Strong

Books from 2005

Derivatives: An Introduction, Robert A. Strong

Books from 2003

Using the MBTI Instrument in Colleges and Universities, Judith A. Provost and Scott Anchors

Books from 2001

Managerial Network in a Multinational Enterprise, Ivan M. Manev