Books from 2015

R and MATLAB, David E. Hiebeler

Books from 2012

A journey into partial differential equations, William Bray

Mastering MATLAB, Duane C. Hanselman and Bruce Littlefield

Books from 2007

Differential Equations & Linear Algebra, Jerry Farlow, James E. Hall, Jean Marie McDill, and Beverly H. West

Books from 2006

Traces of Hecke Operators, Andrew Knightly and Charles Li

Books from 2005

Transtheoretic Foundations of Mathematics (General Summary of Results). Series II: Irrational Numbers. Volume II: Cantor, Dedekind and Weil Conjectures, Henry Andrew Pogorzelski

Submissions from 2003


Deductive Mathematics: an Introduction to Proof and Discovery for Mathematics Education, Andrew Wohlgemuth

Submissions from 2002


Outlining Proofs in Calculus, Andrew Wohlgemuth