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Jim Vickery began work on this article shortly before he died in 1997. He had been researching Jock Darling for several years, and at my urging he set down his thoughts on the “old outlaw” under an arrangement by which he would compose the article on one of his infamous "yellow pads,” and I would transcribe the results on my computer and return a clean copy to him for editing and proofreading. He would also fill in the blanks where I could not decipher his handwriting. Before we could complete this project, Jim was hospitalized with the condition that finally resulted in his death. Over the intervening years, I have worked on the manuscript, having at hand the original draft and all of the newspaper copies Jim used to compose it. The result is somewhat problematic. Since Jim’s draft was nowhere near finished, I have taken a heavy hand with the editing, and have filled in gaps in the story as J imagined Jim would have done it. Since Jim did not have an opportunity to compile footnote references, I was not able to finish the manuscript with standard notation. The bibliography, however, contains references to all the materials in Jim’s “Jock Darling” file (deposited with the Vickery Papers in Special Collections, Fogler Library at the University of Maine). It is with a great sense of satisfaction—and relief—that this project finally comes to fruition. Richard W. Judd