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Popularly known as “The Bricks,” the former three-building row at Colby (Waterville) College was one of New England's most notable nineteenth-century higher educational building groups. Located at the center of Colby's first campus (abandoned in the 1950s), “The Bricks” consisted of a central main building, Recitation (Champlin) Hall (1836-1837), and two nearly identical, multi-purpose flanking structures, South (1821) and North (1822) colleges. The Colby row incorporated and integrated all components, formal as well as informal, of the college educational experience, thereby reflecting the predominant American higher educational philosophy of the pre-Civil War era. Bryant F. Tolles, Jr. is Professor of History and Art History and Director of the Museum Studies Program at the University of Delaware. He is the author of Summer Cottages in the White Mountains (2000), The Grand Resort Hotels of the White Mountains (1998), New Hampshire Architecture (1979), and several articles on New England college architecture and campus planning.