Judith Rygiel

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New England textile entrepreneurs, mill architects, and consultants had a direct influence on cotton textile production in southern New Brunswick in the early 1880s. In an advisory capacity, they offered advice on capitalization, equipment, labor models, product, and management strategies, vastly affecting the community landscape in Maritime textile towns. This paper examines the distinct influences of New England's textile entrepreneurs on three southern New Brunswick cotton mills built in the early 1880s. Judith Rygiel is a doctoral student in history at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick, near a cotton mill. Her 1998 M.A. thesis, Women of the Cloth-Weavers in Charlotte and Westmorland Counties, New Brunswick, 1871-1891 is a comparative study of women;s work in the St. Croix and the Moncton cotton mills.