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Dr. Eunice Baumann-Nelson is the author of The Wabanaki: An Annotated Bibliography. She was bom on Indian Island, and she became the first Penobscot to get a B.A., and later got an M.A. in Child Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Relations at N. Y. U. Later still she received an honorary doctorate of Humane Letters from the University of Maine. She served in the Peace Corps in Peru and Bolivia, was the head of the Vassar art library and head librarian at The Museum of the American Indian in New York City. She has long been a student of Native American spirituality and has taught at the University of California, Davis, at Purdue, at Indiana University, the University of Maine, the College of the Atlantic, and the Bangor Theological Seminary. She is now living back where she started, on Indian Island, and teaching at the University of Maine. In the following essay she describes Frank Siebert from her own perspective.