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Anchor of the Soul (a documentary video about black life in Maine) produced by Shoshana Hoose and Karen Odlin; Headstrong: The Biography of Amy Morris Bradley, 1823-1904, A Life of Nobel Usefulness by Diane Cobb Cashman; Fifty year of Fortitude: The Maritime Career of Captain Jotham Blaisdell of Kennebunk, Maine 1820-1860 by Kendrick Price Daggett; The Civil War Letters of Capt. John Franklin Godfrey edited by Candace Sawyer and Laura Orcut; Dearest Father: The Civil War Letters of Lt. Frank Dickerson, A Son of Belfast, Maine edited by Draper Hunt; Dear Friend Anna: The Civil War Letters of a Common Soldier from Maine edited by Beverly Hayes Kallgren and James L. Crouthamel; William E. Barry's Sketch of an Old River: Shipbuilding on the Kennebunk edited by Joyce Butler; Maine Politics and Government by Kenneth T. Palmer, G. Thomas Taylor and Marcus A. Librizzi;