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Sarah Smith Sampson's exciting career as a Civil War nurse illustrates the important role women played in giving aid and comfort to soldiers near the field of battle. Traveling with the troops or laboring in nearby Army hospitals, Sampson participated in the great events of 1861-1865 as a representative of the Maine Soldiers' Relief Association, assigned to accompany the 3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Author Edward Foley, a resident of Brewer, attended Bangor schools, Fryeburg Academy, and Husson College. He served with the 1101st Combat Engineer Group during WWII. Recalled to active duty with the Air Force during the Korean War; he served two more years. He was also a member of the Maine Air National Guard. He has contributed to Civil War Times Illustrated, The Bangor Daily News, The Bangor-Brewer Register, and to a 1989 centennial booklet tracing Brewer's history.