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Contents: The loss of old Fort Pownall by the Americans -- The departure of Colonel Thomas Goldthwait -- The project establishing a new military post on the Penobscot -- Knox's plan for a loyalist province between the Penobscot and the St. Croix -- John Nutting and the British expedition to establish the post -- The unsuccessful siege of the new post by the Americans -- The behavior of the local inhabitants during the siege -- Removal of American refugees to the post -- The missions of John Nutting and Dr. John Caleff to England -- The constitution proposed for the loyalist province -- The plan to settle the Penobscot country with loyalists from New York -- The growth of the refugee population at Penobscot -- Refusal of the Americans to give up the Penobscot country at the peace -- Removal of the loyalists from Penobscot to Passamaquoddy -- Surveyor General Robert Morse at Passamaquoddy -- Contention between Massachusetts and the loyalists over the Passamaquoddy region -- The loyalist settlement on St. Andrews Point, and its activities -- The town plot and grantees of St. Andrews -- Church and school at St. Andrews -- Extent of the grants at Passamaquoddy to the Penobscot Associated Loyalists; the settlements founded -- St. George's Town -- Settlements formed by loyalists from localities other than Penobscot -- The town of St. Stephen -- Settlements on the Digdeguash in the Parish of St. Patrick -- Settlements on the lower Magaguadavic and the L'Etang -- The settlement of the Royal Fencible Americans on the west side of the lower Magaguadavic -- The settlement of Pennsylvania Quakers at Pennfield -- The occupation of the small harbors east of Pennfield -- The settlement of the Cape Ann Association in the Parish of St. David -- The loyalist settlers on the Island of Grand Manan -- The loyalist settlers on the Island of Campobello -- The loyalist occupants and settlers of Deer Island -- Loyalist settlers on the smaller islands -- The census of 1784; occupations of the settlers -- Increase of the population to 1803 -- Creation of the district court and the townships at Passamaquoddy -- The boundary dispute -- The boundary commission and its decision -- Contention over the islands in Passamaquoddy Bay -- The island commission and its verdict


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