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The story of the past of any place or people is a history, but this story is so brief and incomplete, I gave the title of “A Story”. Another person could have written quite a different story based on other facts. This story is based on facts collected from various sources and arranged in three ways.

Scattered through one will find pictures, mostly old and mostly found in the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society files or with my families’ files. Following this introduction is a series on pictures taken by my great-grandfather, John McAdam Murchie. Next we have a text describing the past by subject. Those subjects are listed at the beginning of that section. The third section is a story told by place. The story of each of the places (32 townships, 3 plantations and a couple of organized towns) is told briefly, but separately. These stories are mostly in phrases and in chronological order. The listed landowners are very incomplete and meant only to give names to the larger picture of ownership from 1783. Maps supplement the stories.


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