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W. H. Sherman

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Bar Harbor, ME

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For him who chooses to regard the trip to Bar Harbor as a "trip to the country" for rest and mild recreation, rather than as an opportunity to continue the social dissipation of the winter throughout the summer, we can open up a vast field for enjoyment. For him the summer days at Bar Harbor will be one uninterrupted round of health-giving pleasure and exercise, with nights of cool repose for which the enforced dweller in the city would almost barter his soul's salvation.

There are the lakes, in all their virgin purity, smiling as sweetly in the sunlight as though they had never known the icy fetters of winter. He can launch his boat on one of them and, pulling in under the shadow of the mountain peaks, let go the anchor and give himself up to meditation. Here he can dream away the day in idle fancies, the silence unbroken save by the drum of the partridge calling to his mate, or the lazy splash of the trout in pursuit of the heedless fly. If he is an angler, he may drop his line in almost any lake, with every chance of success. Then, after a day spent in this manner, what pleasure, as the evening shadows of the mountains touch the eastern shore, to wend his way homeward leisurely under the arching limbs of the forest trees, to a repose sweetened by the unwonted exposure to the bracing air.

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Sherman, W. H. 1896. A guide to Bar Harbor, Maine.


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