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Farmington, Maine

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Maine Sporting Camp History on the Piscataquis River Tributaries, Part 3: West from Milo on the Greenville Stage Road -- Epilogue -- Place Names -- Sources of Information

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These sporting camps began to slowly develop in the mid-1870s and reached their heydays before the 1930s. To reach these camps, sports traveled on one of four land routes within the Piscataquis watershed. Each of these routes and the associated camps are the basis for chapters two through five. The first chapter traces the development of the settling along these routes and provides a context for the history of the camps.

Chapter two includes the camps north and east of Brownville with their initial access from the Nahmakanta Tote Road. The Chamberlain Lake Tote Road provided the access to the camps in chapter three. The Pleasant Valley Tote Road led to the camps in chapter four. The Greenville Stage Road was the means of access to the camps in chapter five.

This written history is complemented with a pictorial history that includes over 200 pictures.

The sources of information section focuses on the repositories for the materials cited in the footnotes.

The totality of the book (with no cover) is three downloads. The first includes the introductory material and chapters one and two. The second has chapters three and four. The third contains chapter 5, the epilogue, place names, and sources of information.

A previous edition of this text first appeared on the Fogler Library Digital Commons in 2017; “Piscataquis Project: Sporting Camps in the Piscataquis Watershed, (Parts A, B, C, and D). This edition, which is still available, did not include pictures, the epilogue, place names, and sources of information.


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