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Edward Wiggin


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Presque Isle, ME

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So far as the writer knows the only complete compilation of facts covering the early settlement of Aroostook was one made by the late Hon. Edward Wiggin, about thirty years ago. In preparation for this record Mr. Wiggin visited every town in the County, and secured the facts comprised in his narrative largely from the pioneer settlers of each town, whose recollections were then fresh regarding their experience and the facts concerning the early settlement of their town.

This record of Mr. Wiggin, now in the custody of the Presque Isle Public Library, is in part in manuscript written in pencil, and in part consists of newspaper clippings of articles published at the time they were written. The whole series forms a voluminous and very important contribution to the early history of the County, but in its present shape is almost valueless to the public, either for reference or for general reading.

On account of the expense involved, no attempt has heretofore been made to get these notes into type, and to bind them in book form, for better preservation and for the purpose of more convenient reading and reference.

It is the opinion of the writer that this should be done, and accordingly he has undertaken the work, and has taken the chance of incurring the very considerable expenditure of labor and money it will require, believing that a sufficient number of the printed volumes can be sold to cover the outlay involved.

The published work is herewith presented to the people of Aroostook, and we believe that all who are interested in the history, growth and development of our great county will rind this work of value and interest.

The writer of this introductory notice plans to follow this with a supplementary volume, covering the different stages of development, the record of which since the date of this early history written by Mr. Wiggin, has been so marvelous a story of growth and prosperity.

Without the patient and studious research which has gone into this admirable work of Mr. Wiggin, the supplement to follow this, though more of a story or series of pictures, may be expected to contribute further and we hope fittingly and worthily, to the record of Aroostook's wonderful progress.

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Wiggin, Edward, and George H. Collins. 1922. History of Aroostook. Presque Isle, Me: Star herald Press.


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