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Bangor Daily Union

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Bangor, Maine

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A printing of several speeches and letters shared as part of events at Norombega Hall in Bangor, Maine, following John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry in Virginia. The cover page reads: A Sacred Maintenance of the Common Bond. Bangor Daily Union Report of the Grand Union Meeting in Norombega Hall, Bangor, Wednesday Evening, January 11, 1860; containing the Speeches of Judge Hathaway and Hon. George Evans, and the letters from Ex-President Pierce, Hon. Edward Everett, Hon. Caleb Cushing, Ex-Governor Wells, Hon. M. H. Smith, Hon. James W. Bradbury. The Call and Signatures, Officers of the Meeting, Prayer of Dr. Tefft, the Resolutions, and the Patriotic Letter of Mrs. Ann S. Stephens to Victor Hugo, Phonographic Report, Bangor: Printed a the Office of the Daily Union, 1860.


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